Stephen retired from the NHS in 2011 and, having loved music and music making all his life, decided to set up a home-studio in the study. Here he puts together tracks with samples and his own materials. Much of the material is aimed at the students of Chris’s tribal and oriental belly dance classes – creating unique pieces of music that can be performed at indoor and outdoor events. He creates in a wide variety of styles from traditional folk tunes to rock, pop, and even orchestral-style pieces – whatever is needed for the dancers.

Recently he decided to create an album of chill-out music, using the theme of plants from around the world. This resulted in ‘Botanika’. At the same time he put together Collectio I, an album of the better dance tracks from the last couple of years, as in-car entertainment – all the dancers favourite tracks in one place! Watch this web site for further albums.

Stephen’s latest album is Theosophika, an album of soundscape and chillout tracks based on the mystical elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth.