Everyone knows about the Great Dragons. Big, fierce, fire-breathing beasts that sleep on treasure. And don’t let anyone near it! But not many people know about the Little Dragons.

You can find them, if you are lucky, in the forests and other secret places of this world. They are very small. You can hold one in the palm of your hand. They live off small insects and love to sun themselves on rocks when the weather is warm. They hibernate in winter.

Look after your own Little Dragon by keeping it safe in your room. Little Dragons will sleep most of the day. They wake up at night to feed. You don’t have to find any insects because Little Dragons are good hunters and will do this for themselves. If you want to make your Little Dragon really happy then put a small coin near it. Little Dragons like treasure just as much as their bigger cousins!

These Little Dragons are only 5cm by 3cm and 2cm high, and come in a range of colours.

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