A CD of chillout and soundscape tracks suitable for relaxed listening, Tribal Fusion choreographies, or gentle Tribal Bellydance drills.

Theosophika is Volume 2 in the “Victorian Books” series of albums. Based on the mystical elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth this album contains 12 tracks; 3 for each element. The tracks are soundscapes designed to evoke the appropriate element and span a world of musical styles. Perfect for Tribal Bellydance, Tribal Fusion Dance, meditation, or just for relaxation.


1 … Over The Bridge Of Air

2 … Winter Witch

3 … Wings Of The Djinn


4 … Fire And Steam

5 … The Fire Ritual

6 … By The Gypsy Campfire


7 … The Water Garden

8 … Stream On The Mountain

9 … Ocean Voyage


10 … The Pyramid

11 … The Cavern Of Galadriel

12 … Into The Dragon’s Lair

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Weight 0.044 g
Dimensions 14 x 13.5 x 0.3 cm


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