A CD of upbeat music for tribal bellydance and easy listening.

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Collectio is the first of a series of CD’s with tracks by Malsisium. All the fourteen tracks on this CD have featured at tribal bellydance parties, or workshops. Most have been performed by the NorthWind ladies lead by Christine Ogden, and some were commissions by other dancers. Previously featured on the Malsisium web site these tracks have been remastered and the CD is perfect for use on a long car journey. The music is very varied – ambient, rock, grunge, cinematic, world, pop and fusion style. It is lively and upbeat in nature, perfect for the boring commute! All tracks by Malsisium.


1: ChronoSteam

2: Desert Wind

3: Missy Witch

4: Happy Valley (Really)

5: Caravanserai

6: Rain In The City

7: Gothic Saaidi

8: Purple Grass

9: Twin Bridges

10: Amazi B

11: Space Party

12: Sunday Morning

13: Sour Bridge

14: Electric Rapture

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