A CD of chill-out and fusion bellydance music.

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Botanika is the first in a series of music CD’s that resemble the books on a Victorian bookshelf. The themes are the scientific, natural, and supernatural world. Botanika has fourteen tracks that are inspired by plants. The music is varied; for example the Destroying Angel Fungi track has a dark and mysterious feel to it, the Sunflower track evokes the music of Southern France or Northern Spain, and the Japanese Pine is realised using Japanese flutes and taiko drums. All the tracks are relaxed in tempo and would be suitable for chill-out listening, or a fusion style of Tribal Bellydance choreography. All tracks by Malsisium.


1: Destroying Angel Fungi

2: Sunflower

3: Japanese Red Pine

4: Deadly Nightshade

5: Dracula Orchid

6: Spanish Rose

7: Voodoo Lily

8: Egyptian Palm

9: Scarlet Corn Poppy

10: Desert Tumbleweed

11: Coconut Palm

12: Rock Rose

13: Fairy Foxglove

14: Venus Fly Trap

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